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“Jasmine” – the Just-Right Name

Jasmine symbolizes life, love, happiness, nobility, grace and elegance.

Over 14 years ago, a small Sheltie charmed her way into a new pack. Names were discussed in a collaborative effort to find a suitable moniker for this personable and peppy new pup.

En route to Jasmine’s new home, her pack tried on many perfectly good names for size. Everyone liked the name “Jasmine.” Even then, before anyone really knew her, it seemed to fit.

After all these years, it’s nice to know that – in addition to her Disney princess namesake – the name Jasmine is derived from the Persian yasmin, which means “gift from God.”

Portraits of a Dog’s Life

Jasmine’s arrival may or may not have been providential. Many have noted that coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous. She was, in many ways, a gift. Her life was preceded and concluded by two similar and timely gifts from relatives in her human pack who’d never met. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jazz & Spunky’s Birthday Party Plans

A-List Guests Enjoy the Buffet

While the humans were away, Spunky and Jazz dreamed up their own birthday party. Neither knows the actual dates of their birthdays, so they agreed to share a day and invite their favorite four-legged friends.

So far, this party only exists in the minds of the dogs. But one day, when they’re home alone, they’re really going to throw the ultimate canine cabal.

This is how they imagine it will be. But they’re still working (like dogs) on it.

Here’s what they have so far:

Shopping List

Candles (for chewing, not lighting)
Cake (at dog’s-eye level, not too high, e.g. countertop = too high)
Frosty Paws frozen treats (no need to worry about melting – we’ll consume them all before that’s even a remote possibility)
Doggie biscuits
Gravy (jars will do – real dogs don’t cook and frankly we’re not all that discriminating) Read the rest of this entry »

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Mornings at Jazz & Spunky’s House

Spunky o-u-t-s-i-d-e

“Good morning!” – Spunky

It happens every day.

“Dad” wakes up first. Very early. When it’s still dark. The dogs know that he’s typically the first one up. They’re usually waiting for him. At the top of the stairs. Because they know that – before he wakes up Mr. Coffee who then helps wake him up – he’ll walk to the top of the stairway that leads to the lower level, which leads to the rec room, which leads to the sliding glass door, which leads to The Great Outdoors. Read the rest of this entry »

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Snuggies … for dogs?!

Snuggies for doggiesAS SEEN ON TV

It was only a matter of time. Snuggie – a staple in the ultimate couch-potato’s closet – is now available in canine styles and sizes.

The product in the photo is apparently designed for dogs who can work the remote, read, fetch a credit card, intercept the mail carrier (torn pant leg optional), and chew open the package once they drag it through the doggie door.

How do I know this? Because the packaging copy is written directly to the dog:

“Keeps you warm and your paws free!”

The latter part is especially important to avoid that awkward stumbling off the couch when the phone rings, the smoke alarm goes off or someone says, “bacon!” Read the rest of this entry »

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There’s a new pup in town


Shhh … He doesn’t know he’s cute.

Move over, Mr. Postman. Jasmine and Spunky have a new nemesis … better known as Simba, the tiny Pomeranian pup.

He’s cute. He’s feisty. He’s fun. A triple threat.

Even when surrounded by a noisy, unpredictable crowd of towering adult strangers, the guy really knows how to work a room. Definitely an Alpha-Male, despite some people’s tendency to pick him up against his will, cuddle him mercilessly, or occasionally dress him in cute sweaters or seasonal costumes.

When a dog is that little and that adorable, such behaviors are hard to resist. (See Exhibit A: Santa-Claws photo.) If you had a waist that tiny, you’d wear a cinched belt, too. Just don’t tell him it could threaten his aggressive campaign for permanent head-of-household status.

So the little dog that’s named after a lion, looks like a fox, dances like a butterfly and bites like a bee (pant legs, ankles, sleeves and chew toys, that is) … is not giving up the fight and is causing some serious dog-relative rivalry in the step-pack.

But they’ll work it out. Jasmine and Spunky are still Queen and King bees in their respective circles, each with unique and endearing traits. Jasmine is still sweet, Spunky is still, well spunky, and Simba is the little lion that has to roar to be heard.

We’re listening, Simba. Welcome to the pack.

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A Dog’s New Year’s Resolutions – by Jasmine

These practical resolutions – ghost-written by a spoiled Sheltie several years ago – are worth revisiting this new year …

I’ve noticed that humans like to look back on the past year and look forward to the year ahead. People think dogs are all about the present. But humans don’t have a corner on goal-setting. Here, for example, are my goals for the new year:

Refine begging skills. Sad eyes. Droopy ears. Heavy tail. Remember the time Spunky ate my favorite chew toy. Method acting at its best. I really miss that toy.

Convince my owners that choking is overrated. Yes, I know the bones are small. Just hand over the turkey carcass and nobody gets hurt.

“Roll-over” is for Pillsbury, not pups. I want that apple-stuffed, cinnamon-frosted turnover and I want it NOW. No tricks, just treats. Read the rest of this entry »

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Doggie math: 12 is the new 72 minus NOW plus a zillion

blackboardmathFuzzy Math:

Time flies when you’re having fun.

When those big “zero-birthdays” come along, people are sometimes inclined to say things like: “30 is the new 20,” “50 is the new 30,” or “100 is the new 80.” These sentiments may diffuse, but not altogether diminish, life’s reality-checks.

Many people in their senior years say that – despite their advanced age – they don’t feel all that different from their younger years. Deep down inside, some think that growing old is what happens to other people.

As fast as time flies, it flies even faster when measured in “doggie years.” Unfortunately, “doggie years” go faster because there are fewer of them.

According to, it’s not exactly a 7:1 ratio when comparing dog years to human years. For dogs, generally speaking, 11 months is the new teenager, 6 is the new 42, and 12 is the new 72.

But if you love dogs, any way you crunch the numbers they come up far too short. As time goes by, Jazz and Spunky aren’t quite so Jazzy or Spunky.

Spunky has put on just a little weight and is just a little bit more subdued. Jasmine is heavier, too, walks with a limp and is slowed by an arthritic gait.

But both still have enough energy to do laps around the swimming pool’s border while silly humans jump in and act – from a conscientious guard dog’s perspective – exactly as though they’re drowning.

Last Sunday, after an afternoon of life-guarding and lap-running, both dogs crashed safely behind a cabinet where they could still hear what their humans were up to while catching a few winks.

After a good nap they were refreshed and ready to rejoin the pack. All in all, they’re still healthy, happy and in possession of plenty of busy doggie-years to come.

If it’s not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts, then these two have it made.

And, unlike certain humans, they live in the present-moment, blessed with the uncannily canine ability to ignore annoying little details like numbers.

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Paws on Route 66

Jazz & Spunky Getting Their Kicks on Route 66 …

jazznkasbw2inThe Mother Road for adventurous peeps & pups

Route 66 – The Mother Road – is all about cars and adventure. Fast. Or not. Big. As in tailfins, poodle-skirts, or tall-tales and ya-had-to-be-there, marginally plausible recounts.

Citations, photographs and first-person witnesses optional.

Friendly. Folksy. Revved-up or scaled-down.

Elusive. Fuzzy dice and leather jackets optional.

It’s no surprise, then, that dogs like Jazz and Spunky, would be drawn to the “no pup left behind” appeal of the Mother Road. A car ride, ears flapping in the wind, is right up there with going for a w-a-l-k on a dog’s “fun stuff to do” list.

After all, life is short.

It’s all good.

There are babies to kiss, tires to chase, wheels to spin, landmarks to “mark” and fire hydrants to … well, you get the picture.

So, hit the road and follow in the paw prints of some friendly pups and peeps. Check out of the rat race and tune in to some literal and figurative taste of the good life. … when life was simpler. Somewhere along the way, you can add your name to the logs en route, with visitors from around the world.

“Your Name, City and State” was here. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cash or compost?

atm500hHow much is that doggie in the window?

Never mind that, how much is a $100 bill worth once it’s been “recycled” by said doggie?

I don’t mean to mention names, but Jasmine, you’ve got some ‘splainin to do …

It all started when a human in Jasmine’s extended-family pack left a large-denomination bill unattended atop his luggage while said pack-member took a dip in the pond, or, in human lingo, a shower.

When he returned to the crime scene, aka unattended luggage, aka (in doggie lingo) “fair game,” he found said high-denomination bill was, in human terms, M.I.A., missing in action, or in pop country lingo “gone like a freight train,” or, in prime-time TV lingo … “Without a Trace.”

Things that make you go, “hmmmm.”

For some time, it was a proverbial “cold case.”

But thinking humans are inclined to connect dots. And the dot-connectors amongst us deduced that:

  1. said high-denomination bill was there before said human pack-member left the room, and …
  2. said high-denomination bill was gone when human pack-member returned, and
  3. the only other residents in the house at the time of the crime were cute and innocent-in-appearance, but suspects nonetheless, canines, and furthermore that
  4. one of said canines had a known proclivity toward eating paper and
  5. was unlikely to distinguish between a) Kleenex, b) trash, and c) a high-denomination but paper nonetheless, bill.

Therefore, thinking persons deduced that the perp was, quite likely, a pup. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pepperoni Pups


Dog food … in the presence of distracted humans.

Spunky and Jazz (aka Hoover and Electrolux) shed light on table etiquette … from a dog’s perspective. It can pretty much be summed up like this:

  1. Finders keepers.
  2. I’m fast. Don’t even think about trying to beat me to the target.
  3. I can swallow the food in question a WHOLE faster than you can gasp, furrow your brow and say, “no!” or “bad dog!”

If food of any sort – human or canine, packaged or unpackaged, cooked or raw, leftover or fresh – drops on the floor, falls in your lap or is left unattended on a table … it belongs to the dogs. For the Ages.

You and/or your food are – metaphorically speaking – toast.

Even if it’s tightly wrapped in foil, do not even try to beat the dogs to the food. You’ll lose. They’re faster than you. And smart. If they’re Shelties, they’ll distract you with their sheer cuteness. But their nose can detect edibles … their teeth can puncture packaging … their drool can render it forever marked as “Mine! Mine! Mine! … faster than you can say, “I wasn’t so hungry for (whatever it was) after all.”

Unattended pizza is especially vulnerable.

Case in point: Spunky. His pawns, err, I mean, masters, were busy lining up things like plates, napkins and tall, ice-filled glasses of Pepsi while, unbeknownst to them, Spunky was making an impromptu “fast-food” dinner out of approximately half of the pepperonis on their pizza.

(Helpful hint:  A hungry pup can make short work of cardboard pizza box lids.)

Scary thing is, it was not immediately obvious that there was anything inherently wrong with the pizza.  Read the rest of this entry »

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