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“Jasmine” – the Just-Right Name

Jasmine symbolizes life, love, happiness, nobility, grace and elegance.

Over 14 years ago, a small Sheltie charmed her way into a new pack. Names were discussed in a collaborative effort to find a suitable moniker for this personable and peppy new pup.

En route to Jasmine’s new home, her pack tried on many perfectly good names for size. Everyone liked the name “Jasmine.” Even then, before anyone really knew her, it seemed to fit.

After all these years, it’s nice to know that – in addition to her Disney princess namesake – the name Jasmine is derived from the Persian yasmin, which means “gift from God.”

Portraits of a Dog’s Life

Jasmine’s arrival may or may not have been providential. Many have noted that coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous. She was, in many ways, a gift. Her life was preceded and concluded by two similar and timely gifts from relatives in her human pack who’d never met. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Daily Puppy – by Spunky

Maverick – J. Lauren, Bringing home the biscuits at

Meet Maverick. I saw his picture in my favorite newspaper – The Daily Puppy – just before I chewed up the Sports section. This newspaper has puppy news, videos and shopping for everything from puppy feed to doggie doors, plus other kinds of canine content, such as how to train your puppy.

You can vote for your favorite “daily puppy” by giving him or her a virtual dog biscuit, which counts as one vote.

Not surprisingly, Maverick had racked up 3,337 biscuit-votes at last check. Pretty much off-the-charts cute. It’ll probably go to his head. But the competition’s fierce. Other biscuit-vote hoarders include Buster the Beagle, Pickles the Dachshund, Barkley the Mixed Breed, and Casper, an exotic Alaskan Klee Kai with one eye that’s ice-blue and the other that’s chestnut brown.

Enough reading and blogging, though. Like many dogs, I prefer the print edition of The Daily Puppy, because printed newspapers are easier to eat than their online counterparts! Plus, my humans don’t like it if I drool on the keyboard. (Ssssometimesss it makes the “S”ss key ssstick.)

The biscuit-vote competition will continue among pups of all varieties. Those dogs are earning more biscuits than I can count on two paws. Even so, I still think that – pound for pound – Shelties almost always win paws-down for the title of “Cutest of Them All.”

Maverick’s humans say that his name suits his personality. I guess I’d give him a few biscuits, too, for looks and personality. But I think Jasmine and I are even cuter … and more personable. Plus we have our own dog blog. Take that to the biscuit-bank, Maverick!

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There’s a new pup in town


Shhh … He doesn’t know he’s cute.

Move over, Mr. Postman. Jasmine and Spunky have a new nemesis … better known as Simba, the tiny Pomeranian pup.

He’s cute. He’s feisty. He’s fun. A triple threat.

Even when surrounded by a noisy, unpredictable crowd of towering adult strangers, the guy really knows how to work a room. Definitely an Alpha-Male, despite some people’s tendency to pick him up against his will, cuddle him mercilessly, or occasionally dress him in cute sweaters or seasonal costumes.

When a dog is that little and that adorable, such behaviors are hard to resist. (See Exhibit A: Santa-Claws photo.) If you had a waist that tiny, you’d wear a cinched belt, too. Just don’t tell him it could threaten his aggressive campaign for permanent head-of-household status.

So the little dog that’s named after a lion, looks like a fox, dances like a butterfly and bites like a bee (pant legs, ankles, sleeves and chew toys, that is) … is not giving up the fight and is causing some serious dog-relative rivalry in the step-pack.

But they’ll work it out. Jasmine and Spunky are still Queen and King bees in their respective circles, each with unique and endearing traits. Jasmine is still sweet, Spunky is still, well spunky, and Simba is the little lion that has to roar to be heard.

We’re listening, Simba. Welcome to the pack.

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A Dog’s New Year’s Resolutions – by Jasmine

These practical resolutions – ghost-written by a spoiled Sheltie several years ago – are worth revisiting this new year …

I’ve noticed that humans like to look back on the past year and look forward to the year ahead. People think dogs are all about the present. But humans don’t have a corner on goal-setting. Here, for example, are my goals for the new year:

Refine begging skills. Sad eyes. Droopy ears. Heavy tail. Remember the time Spunky ate my favorite chew toy. Method acting at its best. I really miss that toy.

Convince my owners that choking is overrated. Yes, I know the bones are small. Just hand over the turkey carcass and nobody gets hurt.

“Roll-over” is for Pillsbury, not pups. I want that apple-stuffed, cinnamon-frosted turnover and I want it NOW. No tricks, just treats. Read the rest of this entry »

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The dog blog: An unauthorized autobidography by Michleen Collins

Michleen Collins Dog Blog:

Spunky & Jasmine

Spunky & Jasmine

Jasmine – the one on the right – was the first addition to my sister’s household. Her sidekick, Spunky, would tag along later.   Read the rest of this entry »

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