By Michleen Collins: About this autobidography

Michleen’s Dog Blog: “Sit. Stay. Read. Good Dog!”


Spunky & Jasmine

What is an autobidography?

A quasi-biography ghostwritten for, occasionally by and about two dogs.

This is an unauthorized autobidography. Spunky and Jasmine neither confirm nor deny any of the tall tails [sic] herein.

This blog chronicles the tales, trails and travails of two regular dogs whose escapades include chasing geese in open defiance of the strict “no pets off-leash” rules of The Home Owners Association.

If Spunky and Jasmine were humans, their physicians might say they’re subject to mood swings.

They can switch gears with amazing alacrity. They can morph from hibernating couch potatoes to fully alert, hyperactive, circle-racing dogs at the drop of a hat … the dangle of a leash … or even the most casual mention of the word “walk.”

In an instant, they’re ready to terrorize unsuspecting squirrels, stir up serious snow sprays or race the wind for the sheer joy of running.

Jasmine will switch into high gear upon sighting a renegade rabbit or the opportunity to chase Spunky in sweeping “Hey, look at me!” figure-8 patterns. Both Shelties love to show off their high-speed running ability, sharp cornering talents and innate tendency to herd people (who are far less compliant than sheep) … by nipping at their heels.

No dogs were hurt in the creation of this blog; however, a few humans have some seriously chewed-up shoes, a family of fleas may have met an untimely demise, and at least one large-denomination bill was taken out of circulation.

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