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Running Circles Around St. Peter and the Pearly Gates

PearlyGates500k_aquabluejay_deviantartShetland Sheepdog (Sheltie, Miniature Collie)
Origin: Scotland
Size: Medium
Group: Herding
Life Span: 12-13 years
Active, playful, affectionate, gentle, intelligent, alert, lively, loyal, reserved, trainable, responsive, strong, a very good shepherd, hardy, in good shape, a wide field of vision, loyal, intelligent, reliable.

Spunky died in November of 2014. His pack still misses him a lot. He had all the Sheltie-typical traits listed above, plus Spunky-specific tendencies, such as …

  • Learning about stairs and Post-it notes,
  • Eating JUST the pepperonis on unattended pizzas,
  • Walking backwards and barking when his favorite humans talked to him,
  • Being rambunctious, yet standing statue-still when someone was petting him,
  • Running giant, open-field figure-8’s with his sidekick Jasmine … flaunting impressive speed and elegance, almost as if they’d been choreographed,
  • Making room for Simba,
  • Preferring to stay inside on hot summer days, chilling under a shady desk or near a breezy air-conditioning vent, and
  • Unlike Jasmine – who considered the postman and other strangers her nemeses – befriending pretty much everybody.

Spunky showed up unleashed when Jasmine was accustomed to being an only dog. Jazz sometimes seemed annoyed by having an exuberant “be my friend, be my friend, pleeeaase be my friend” puppy around. But they grew to be buddies and – even though Jazz would never admit it – we think she liked having company. Especially whenever the humans abandoned the pack and left the two feisty pups home alone. spunky_lawnchair_cu_bw_cr

Jasmine and Spunky outpaced their breed’s average lifespan, and each lived to be 14. Not a bad run. That’s almost 100 in doggie-years. Many pet-lovers believe God will recreate their pets – memories, personality quirks and all – in Heaven. If so, the dynamic duo of Spunky and Jasmine are no doubt together again, running jubilant, arthritis-free circles around Saint Peter and the Pearly Gates.

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