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Smoky the 4-Pound, 4-Legged War Legend

by Spunky

A Memorial Day tribute to veterans and the loyal war dogs who encouraged them … especially through times of turmoil.


Smoky knew over 100 tricks. Unfortunately, talking wasn’t one of them.

In earlier posts, I may or may not have referred to that little red-headed Yorkie in my pack as my nemesis.

But we’re learning to get along. Especially now that my best-buddy Jasmine has gone to that big sunflower field in the sky. (I’m pretty sure there are no squirrels, cats or mail-carriers there.)

Actually, for a small overly inquisitive breed, Yorkies aren’t all that bad. Case in point is a famous little World War II era Yorky named Smoky.

She became part of WWII legends. She helped to shed light on war dogs and the role of man’s BFF during wartime and its aftermath.

In the midst of the war, a GI discovered Smoky in an abandoned foxhole in New Guinea. The smart, amiable and conveniently portable pup was small enough to fit into a soldier’s helmet, boots or duffel bag.

Smoky was soon adopted by another GI, Bill Wynne, an aerial photographer. He took the pup wherever he went, including 12 air-rescue missions. When Wynne was hospitalized, his buddies brought Smoky to visit. This cheered up Wynne and other wounded troops as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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