How to Calm Panicky Pets (and their Owners)

Panic-Free Pet

Spunky and Jasmine never met their adopted cousin Whiskey. He was a beautiful, whiskey-colored mixed-breed dog who resembled an Irish Setter.

Whiskey’s Irish Setter appearance may be why he received a card one St. Patrick’s Day. It featured a photo of an Irish Setter. The handsome dog sported a green button that read: “Pet me, I’m Irish.” Whiskey’s clever owner responded on Whiskey’s behalf. The reply included a similar button, customized for Whiskey. It read: “Pet me, I sortof look like an Irish Setter.”

Whatever his heritage, to say that Whiskey had separation anxiety and abandonment issues would be an understatement. He was simply heartbroken and often terrified when his trusted pack of humans left him home alone. The occasional thunderstorm only ratcheted up his terror level to sad and often frantic proportions.

One day, during a particularly severe storm, Whiskey literally broke through a glass pane and survived his impulsive leap from a second-story window.  After that, his veterinarian prescribed a sort of doggie-Prozac for future use during especially traumatic circumstances.

Thundershirt™  May Help Panic-Prone Pets

Whiskey was a well-cared for dog. Overall, he lived a long, happy and relatively trauma-free life. Since then, he may be enjoying a safe and presumably storm-free (or at least fear-free) doggie-heaven.

While on this less idyllic planet, Whiskey might have benefited from a clever product called ThundershirtThis unique, pet-friendly vest delivers a gentle and calming hug-like pressure. It’s intended to calm panic-prone pets.

For Even Bigger Emergencies …

Another option to give humans and their pets peace of mind is an emergency “to-go” pack. It’s always ready for life’s unpleasant surprises. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods or tornados, happen when least expected. You could assemble your own dog-friendly backpack, or patronize companies that do the work for you. For example, offers some options. They range from a pocketed-vest that fits Fido to backpacks that humans can grab on the run.

The products contain basics such as emergency pet food, water and water-purification, LED light tags and ID stickers. They may include first aid supplies and tips, and more. In any emergency, seconds count. These kits are packed and ready to grab.

It’s one of those things that you and your pet can hope you’ll never need to use. It puts peace of mind into a handy little kit to tuck away … just in case.

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