Safety Tips for Fireworks and Pets. (Spunky Says Ditto-Arf!) Fireworks Safety Reminder

If you’re a pet-fan, you know that fireworks can scare some furry friends into a full-fledged anxiety attack. A few easy precautions can keep the festivities going with minimal trauma.

Just ask Spunky. One Fourth of July while vacationing with his pack, a loud burst of fireworks spooked Spunky and sent the panicked pet bolting into unfamiliar territory. Thankfully, he was eventually found hiding in someone’s garage, to the great relief of Spunky and his pack.

Bright flashing lights and thunder-like noises can cause even the bravest pets to panic. They may even run away from their home. reports that July is the busiest season for shelters trying to rescue lost pets. During fireworks season, simple precautions can help everyone enjoy the celebrations while preventing scared or lost pets.

The site offers a few simple steps for an unfrazzled Fourth. Fireworks Safety Tips for Pet-Owners

When fireworks are on the schedule, follow these tips. Ask your vet for other ways to help keep your pet calm.

  • Keep pets inside, away from entries and exits. Put your pet in a safely enclosed area. Your pet may bolt outside as household members or visitors come and go. Panicky pets have been known to break through screens and even windows.
  • Be sure your pets are properly ID’d just in case they do escape. Remain vigilant during and after holiday events. Pets have been known to run away after the fireworks – but not their anxieties – settle down.
  • Keep other loud noises down, too. Noises sound even louder to a pet’s sensitive ears and can magnify the stress of fireworks noise.
  • Whatever the source of stress, avoid excessive pampering of pets whenever they’re scared. Model calmness to avoid reinforcing fearful behaviors.

Further details and a complete list of tips are on the Adopt-a-Pet blog.

Vests and Ear Muffs to Calm Frantic Pets

For especially anxiety-prone pets, consider trying a Thundershirt™ – a calming vest that may help de-stress pets. Other products on the market include Mutt Muffs canine ear muffs and Happy Hoodies, which reduce noise while providing gentle compression.

Not all pets are spooked by fireworks. Work with your pet and your vet to see what works best. A little advance planning goes a long way. Your pet, your family, first-responders and local shelters will thank you!

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