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Happy 14th and Last Birthday, Jasmine

Goodbye, Jasmine. For a dog who was – most of the time – sugar, spice and everything nice, this post is for you. It’s a special, Thanksgiving cinnamon, nutmeg, ice-cream and pumpkin-pie-shake salute to Jazz.

Your pack is grateful for your life, loyalty and companionship.

You were indeed a “good dog!” 

Jasmine turned 14 on the 14th of Nov., 2011. (That’s about 98 in dog years.) Her pack of people and pups helped mark the occasion. She was mercifully unaware that this would be her 14th – and last – of many dog-gone good, dog-year birthdays.

Like most dogs, she accepted whatever life threw her way. That was true whether it was the fast-ball exuberance of youth, the slow-ball frailty of old age, or the hard-ball reality of death.

Dogged Determination Despite Fading Faculties

Over time, Jasmine became less agile in her daily activities, such as guarding the pool, running just for the thrill of it, or chasing intrusive geese, squirrels or deliverymen.

Gradually, other health issues emerged. She lost some of her formerly boundless energy and agility, but never her spirit, heart and will. Read the rest of this entry »

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