Jazz & Spunky’s Birthday Party Plans

A-List Guests Enjoy the Buffet

While the humans were away, Spunky and Jazz dreamed up their own birthday party. Neither knows the actual dates of their birthdays, so they agreed to share a day and invite their favorite four-legged friends.

So far, this party only exists in the minds of the dogs. But one day, when they’re home alone, they’re really going to throw the ultimate canine cabal.

This is how they imagine it will be. But they’re still working (like dogs) on it.

Here’s what they have so far:

Shopping List

Candles (for chewing, not lighting)
Cake (at dog’s-eye level, not too high, e.g. countertop = too high)
Frosty Paws frozen treats (no need to worry about melting – we’ll consume them all before that’s even a remote possibility)
Doggie biscuits
Gravy (jars will do – real dogs don’t cook and frankly we’re not all that discriminating)
Canine Coolers (Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow Cones)
Rawhide strips


Dog biscuit buffet
“Rawhide, bacon strips & gravy on a bed of canvas” (Spunky’s recipe – from old, chewed-up shoes)
Kleenex (for Jasmine – she just likes it for a snack)
Watermelon bar
Canine Coolers (Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow Cones)
Frosty Paws

Gift Registries

Big Wag Dog Bakery
Buzzy’s BowWowMeow
The Meat Market

Guest List



2nd Annual Walnut-Maple-Oak Relays
Circle-8 Squirrel-Chasing Boogie
Great Canadian Goose Trailblazer Obstacle Course
Fire Hydrant Target Practice (Free, all-you-can-drink lemonade for contestants)
Postal Carrier Pant-Leg and Vehicle Chase (Sometime between 10 a.m. and Noon on Saturday)
Pool Party


“Who Let the Dogs Out?” – Baha Men
“Walking the Dog” – Rufus Thomas
“Hound Dog”
– Elvis

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