Snuggies … for dogs?!

Snuggies for doggiesAS SEEN ON TV

It was only a matter of time. Snuggie – a staple in the ultimate couch-potato’s closet – is now available in canine styles and sizes.

The product in the photo is apparently designed for dogs who can work the remote, read, fetch a credit card, intercept the mail carrier (torn pant leg optional), and chew open the package once they drag it through the doggie door.

How do I know this? Because the packaging copy is written directly to the dog:

“Keeps you warm and your paws free!”

The latter part is especially important to avoid that awkward stumbling off the couch when the phone rings, the smoke alarm goes off or someone says, “bacon!”

The cover of the box has an otherwise normal and distinguished looking dachshund – one can only hope, at least, it’s a girl – whose owner has indiscriminately dressed her in a cowl-neck ensemble in an eye-blinding shade of fuchsia. To the discriminating dog, this color is better suited to bubblegum, Barbie’s dream house, Mary Kay’s saleswoman of the year … or a luau. (Doggie lei optional.)

The poor pup must be praying that the Rottweiler next door is preoccupied with terrorizing the UPS guy, sleeping off last night’s binge on raw steak he nabbed from the neighbor’s grill, an early-morning raid on the biscuit box in the pantry, plus two heaping bowls of Alpo, or happily chewing on a brand new dog bone.

Doggie Snuggies. For the dog who gets no respect. What next? The clapper for paws? (Pawzer), Chia pets for pets? (Chia-huahuas) … Billy the Big-Mouthed Basset? Tails and legs of steel? Sham-Woof?

“Sit. Stay. Stop! Good marketer!

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