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Jasmine’s Day Off


Canine moral hazard: When the trash smells like strawberries …

Jasmine works hard … and occasionally plays hard, too. She likes a lot of things, including margaritas. Strawberry margaritas to be more specific. How do we know that she likes strawberry margaritas?

Let’s examine the perp and the evidence:

One wide-eyed, “Who, me?” pup with a distinct swagger (and a hint of a stagger), one seriously chewed-up trash bag, a trail of scattered garbage and coffee grounds, coffee-colored paw prints, and teeth mark punctures in small strawberry margarita foil drink packets that were thrown out earlier.


Fortunately, she survived her gateway drug and binge-drinking experience unscathed, possibly thanks to the challenges (and metallic taste) of chewing through Mylar. Jasmine was okay, untraumatized and without the need for Alka-Seltzer in her water dish or a 12-step program for canines who can admit they have a problem.

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