Paws on Route 66

Jazz & Spunky Getting Their Kicks on Route 66 …

jazznkasbw2inThe Mother Road for adventurous peeps & pups

Route 66 – The Mother Road – is all about cars and adventure. Fast. Or not. Big. As in tailfins, poodle-skirts, or tall-tales and ya-had-to-be-there, marginally plausible recounts.

Citations, photographs and first-person witnesses optional.

Friendly. Folksy. Revved-up or scaled-down.

Elusive. Fuzzy dice and leather jackets optional.

It’s no surprise, then, that dogs like Jazz and Spunky, would be drawn to the “no pup left behind” appeal of the Mother Road. A car ride, ears flapping in the wind, is right up there with going for a w-a-l-k on a dog’s “fun stuff to do” list.

After all, life is short.

It’s all good.

There are babies to kiss, tires to chase, wheels to spin, landmarks to “mark” and fire hydrants to … well, you get the picture.

So, hit the road and follow in the paw prints of some friendly pups and peeps. Check out of the rat race and tune in to some literal and figurative taste of the good life. … when life was simpler. Somewhere along the way, you can add your name to the logs en route, with visitors from around the world.

“Your Name, City and State” was here.

On Route 66. At the Polka Dot diner, the Gemini Giant, the Drive-In Movie, the Drive-Inn car hop, the retro roadside stops, the modern bypass, the swinging pedestrian bridge, the “wait for the barge” drawbridge, the “Who’s in a hurry?” detour … the “slow down, life is a highway” Disneyesque “Cars” movie mantra.

Jazz and Spunky caught the spirit. How ’bout you? What are you waiting for? The right car to chase? A fire hydrant to mark? A trail to blaze?

Route 66 starts HERE. In downtown Chicago … at the Joliet Welcome Center … or at countless points and way-stations along the way … from here to CA.

A day trip. A weekend. A week-long adventure. Or, brave, fun-loving Brits who ship their cars overseas every September for Springfield, IL’s Route 66 Festival and drive the whole darned route, from Chicago, IL, to Santa Monica, CA.

Burma shave 5Take your pick. Choose your pace. Follow the ragtops and the ’57 Chevy with the fuzzy dice, put the cookie-cutter Interstate restaurant in the rearview mirror, brake for roadside kitsch, chocolate malts, leisurely conversation and homemade pie at ma ‘n pop diners.

Forget your troubles and just DRIVE … on Route 66.

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