Pup-tastrophes – Spunky

yellow post-it notes on blue

Perilous Post-its (from a Puppy’s Perspective)

On one puppy-sitting occasion, I went downstairs, accustomed to having Spunky close behind, shadowing me.

Not this time.

I heard his whimper from a distance, only to realize that he had not yet mastered the concept of  “stairs.” He was parked, anxiously, at the top of the stairway. I carried him down, deciding that he would decipher the whole stair-descending concept soon enough.

He happily set about exploring the lower level of his new home. It wasn’t long before I heard a persistent, loud and distressed whimpering noise coming from another room. I followed the sound only to find the little Sheltie pup traumatized by his inability to shake a large yellow Post-it note from his paw.

I removed the offending paper tiger and Spunky was very grateful. He expressed his gratitude in his characteristic manner of rapid enthusiastic “talking,” accompanied by walking backwards.

He’s typically a blur of perpetual motion when he’s on the ground. But once picked up, Spunky would become statue-still, occasionally eliciting a wide, content new-puppy yawn.

Even today, he likes to “talk back” and walks in reverse, yelping when any human takes the time to converse with him. Unlike Jasmine, who loves to go o-u-t-s-i-d-e, Spunky prefers to stay indoors where it’s cool. He favors comfy nooks and crannies and gravitates to air-conditioning vents. And he’s mastered the concept of stairs … and sticky notes.

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